BesTV Brand Design

BesTV, relying on SMG, has strong comprehensive advantages in audio-visual content creation and production, interactive product development and application, new media management and operation; BesTV is in the leading position in China's IPTV industry, and international media evaluate BesTV as one of the most famous IPTV industry brands in the world.

Service content:

Brand Manual Planning and Design

Planning and Design of Product Manual

The Concept of Brand Manual

Brand Benefits: Broadcast, New Usage of TV.

Enterprise Core: Integrity, Activeness, Innovation, Cooperation, Responsibility, Professionalism, Transcendence

Brand Vision: Creation and Effort to Bear Dreams

Chinese Dream, BesTV Building Dream and Dream Enjoyment

Become a big fish leaping across the East China Sea

Brand Spirit:

Carp - torrent, dragon gate, sea - platform competition

The Platform of Bearing Dreams

Building Dreams and Starting Wishes: Enterprise Stories

Dreaming and Growth: Development Course

Dream Building and Innovation: Innovative Television Technology

Dream Building and Leadership: Platform Built by Enterprises

Dream Building and Development-Business Development

Dreaming and Vision: International Cooperation

Dream Building and Collaboration: Brand and Culture

Concept of Product Manual

Enjoyment horizon, controlled by me

BesTV, Insert Wings for Dream Enjoyment


Enjoy Watch Massive Film Sources Enjoy Movies, Teleplays, Sports ________

Enjoyment, Audio/Audio Banquet Exclusive Room-Music, Family KTV

Enjoying, Learning/Kindergarten Entertainment Friends Accompanied-Children's Learning Is Not Lonely

Enjoying, Knowing and Grasping the First Opportunity to View the World --- News, Finance and Economics, Documentation, Law and Discipline

Enjoy, Entertainment/Children Happy Mother Save Mind-Entertainment, Fashion, Haha Paradise

Enjoy, Play/Motivate Experience Multiple Plays - Games, Sensory Games, Television Applications

Enjoy, chat/dinner table delicacies community topic-life information, health

Enjoy / Use / Busy Forget I Have Playback - Massive Hard Disk for Home

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