As a truly effective strategic design company, ULU Design has pioneered the “Brand We-Media Planning System” in China with the fundamental purpose of improving product sales and building a strong brand. Based on the insights into consumer needs and our long-term and global strategic thinking, we create a unique, authoritative and exclusive strategic positioning for your brand, and then build a comprehensive brand marketing strategy system with the brand strategy as the center, by which the competitive products will drive the implementation of brand strategy and promote the brand to win consumer preferences in a short time, thus driving the sales of the entire line of products. 

After years of planning practice, ULU has become one of the well-known brand design agencies in China. We not only have professional planning teams, extensive social resources and market resources, but also form an original planning system and design framework. Our motivation comes from a common goal - to create the most valuable brand, because only when clients succeed can we continue to grow!
Corporate Culture

Our missions
Improve consumer purchasing efficiency Reduce corporate marketing dissemination costs Tell things cared by consumers using words they understand. We are like a transformer that connects corporates and consumers, transforming the output voltage of corporates into a voltage that consumers are willing to accept, which ultimately stimulates consumer resonance and drives market sales.

Our concept
Be sure of winning before seeking battle, the popular one wins the world Tell things cared by consumers using words they understand. We are like a transformer that connects corporates and consumers, transforming the output voltage of corporates into a voltage that consumers are willing to accept, which ultimately stimulates consumer resonance and drives market sales.

Our methodologies
The core initiative “Brand We-media Planning System” Help corporates to detonate the market at low cost Armed with we-media, the brand has an automatic sales effect and a spontaneous dissemination effect, allowing the corporate to win the consumer preference and to enter the consumer’s purchase sequence at low cost.

Our cooperation concepts
Beyond clients’ expectations Earn money from the market in collaboration with clients The value we provide must exceed the charges given by our clients, otherwise they will not cooperate with us. We make money from the market through the clients’ project platforms, rather than from the clients.
Our advantages
I. Height and systematicness of strategies
At the strategic level, we are good at starting from the top-level issues of corporates and planning their development direction and path with strategic height. At the same time, we pursue the systematicness of the strategies and build a system around the strategy in order to win comprehensive competitive advantages.

II. Initiative “Brand We-media Planning System”
A brand is built at low cost. We start from the actual needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, and independently develop the “Brand We-media Planning System” in the industry, so that you can realize the market miracle of brand building and product sales even without the promotion.

III. Service “beyond clients’ expectations”
“Beyond clients’ expectations” is our service concept throughout the details of our service to clients. We believe from the heart, only beyond the expectations of our clients, can we let them cooperate with us for a long time and win their respect, so as to establish a reputation in the industry.

IV. Provision of whole-course solutions
From strategy, policy, design execution, to packaging and printing, we provide whole-course solutions. In addition, we have our own printing factory that ensures the quality of the prints and truly reassures you.

V. Strong effectiveness of our planning
Great attention is paid to consumer needs. We believe that the real and effective strategic breakthroughs come from the insight into consumers’ demands. Consumers are the origin of marketing. “Inspiring customers to stimulate their purchase desire” is the ultimate goal of planning. We invest a lot of energy in research and insight into consumer needs in order to truly fully understand their buying behavior and psychology, thus creating breakthrough market opportunities for the brand.

Brand We-Media Strategy
Category positioning
The purpose of category positioning is to solve the ultimate proposition of “Who am I?” As the essence of consumer purchase is the category, the brand is only used to express the demand for the category. We think that the key to building a brand is to create a new category and make your brand the first choice for this category.
a Definition of category nature
b Creativity of category name
c Definition of category segmentation opportunity
d Definition of strategic category competitor

Competitive products
Competitive products are most favored by consumers and have the greatest contribution to the brand. They are also strategic items that are able to drive the sales of all products. We believe that a competitive product is an engine that carries a strong brand. Without it, even if a brand is quickly known by consumers, it is difficult to achieve its long-term development. Based on the brand strategy, we will create a competitive product that meets the strong demand of consumers, so as to quickly start market sales. Every successful brand must have its own competitive products.
a Product positioning
b Product naming
c Product core appeal

Value positioning
Brand value positioning is to solve the problem of “What can I do for the needs of consumers?” We believe that it is by virtue of their value to consumers that brands can survive in society, and planners must find this value and express it. Brand value positioning is especially important for start-up corporate, because it’s the first reason for consumers to buy the brand products for the first time and the first driver of product sales.
a Rational value positioning
b Perceptual value positioning
c Brand value proposition

Cognitive prototype transmission
Cognitive prototypes are images that everyone knows. Users are familiar with them and have a strong understanding of them. Brand cognition prototype is an image carrier that enables a brand to be remembered and disseminated at the lowest cost. The transmission of cognitive energy of this image carrier to the brand allows the users to remember the brand in the shortest possible time.
(1)Cognition of visual symbols
(2)Cognition of life scenes

Advertising discourse system
Based on category positioning and brand value positioning, we will create a dissemination slogan and an appeal system for brands to promote their dissemination and impress consumers, so that consumers can understand our brand identity and value in the shortest time and quickly remember us. We believe that brand appeals should be simple and easy to understand, trigger resonance, and facilitate dissemination and memory.
a Spreading slogans
b Value supporting points

Brand we-media expression
I. Product packaging we-media
The problem solved by packaging we-media is: How to sell your products on the shelves without promotion?
Three keys of packaging we-media:
First, be discovered most quickly from the shelves due to the eye-catching package.
Second, make the brand identity and value being understood most directly from the package.
Third, consumers are impressed and inspired most quickly by sales messages put in the package.

IV. Socialized we-media
The socialized we-media is an amplifier for brand dissemination. Its long-term goal is to make your brand a knowledge provider in a certain field and develop consumers’ habitual information dependence. Its short-term goal is to detonate the entire network in a short time by borrowing hot events or planning hot topics.
II. We-media of sale terminals
The sale terminal is the battlefield of marketing, the place where the brand and the consumer directly talk, and the stage to show the brand strength and its transmission advantage. 75% of customers arrive at the terminals to decide to buy a certain brand. On the sale terminal, the visual information most favored by consumers with the strongest image is a powerful tool to increase sales and build a brand.
We can win the key battle through fully arming terminals with we-media. The terminal we-media system enables your brand to be the most shining star, thus stimulating consumer impulse buying, brand promotion and product self-sales.
III. E-commerce we-media
The online store is a sale channel and a super media that spreads the value of brands and products. We believe that “without promotion, e-commerce we-media how to use only one details page to stimulate customers to buy products”, this is the goal pursued by e-commerce we-media system.
Brand we-media tactics
I. Topic dissemination:
Based on brand positioning, spread the value theme.

Based on brand positioning: the rule of consumers’ perception memory determines that all resources of the brand marketing dissemination portfolio must be consistent in order to multiply the marketing (dissemination) effects. All dissemination resources are hammers and brand positioning is nails. We must integrate all the media resources, focus on conveying our brand positioning, and let it deeply wedge into the consumer’s brain. Spread the value theme: decompose the positioning into a number of small value themes, combine the current affairs and hotspots with the brand dissemination to realize the effect of continuous wonderful shows.
II. Event dissemination:
borrow mainstream themes, bundle current events

Use mainstream themes to inject attention into the event itself. Connect current events to detonate the impact of the events. An attractive event can trigger the spread of information like virus.
III. Interactive dissemination:
mass line, word of mouth

Chairman Mao told us through revolutionary practice: from the masses to the masses. The marketing should mobilize consumers to participate in the brand popularization. After consumers experience and enjoy the fun, they will be more willing to share with others, thus achieving the effect of chain dissemination.
Our clients
For years, we have won numerous domestic awards and have been appreciated by many well-known experts, and have successfully served hundreds of corporates to provide them with comprehensive planning, design, consulting and other services, such as Siemens, Greenland Group, Skshu, Vanke, Wanfang Data, Daohuaxiang, Youjia Baby, BRCC, Asia Pacific Breweries, Yamato, Schiesser, Baosteel, Shanghai Chang Zheng Hospital, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Tongji University, Anhui Foreign Studies University, Australia IDP Education Group, etc.

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