Balanced Enzyme Leads Brand.

Balanced Enzyme Leads Brand.

Brand originates from attachment and worship to nature, and regards nature as the beginning of life gestation. It advocates the philosophy of life of "harmony between man and nature, Taoism and nature".

Enzyme is not only a health product, but also a new revolution of health. It impacts the wrong way of life. It enables people to reshape the concept of health from the root and return to the way of life balance.

Dokileo is convinced that the ultimate way to health is the way to balance. The human body is a small nature, which has its inherent healing function, and the greatest value of Dokileo enzyme is to restore the balance system in the body, let nature play its healing power, restore your original health and beauty.

Market research

First, the analysis of competing products

1. Brand positioning: chelation enzyme

Positioning analysis: The location of chelation enzymes is based on the production process, is the expert context, not the consumer context, and does not trigger consumer interest.

2. Dissemination Discourse System: From the discourse system of Nainaji, its core value is: detoxification. It divides detoxification into: comprehensive detoxification, nourishing detoxification, detoxification and so on.

3, visual style analysis: the main color is purple, the color is deep and steady. The preference for red wine is to subconsciously influence customers, let customers attribute themselves to the category of red wine, and give customers high-end awareness.

Other competing products (omitted)


Second, the target consumer analysis

Lifestyle study

2. Demand point analysis

3. Purchase habit research

4. Analysis of the packaging needs of enzymes

Consumers have three essential requirements for packaging:

1 The style of the package should be consistent with the personality characteristics of the target group.

2 Packaging should be able to clearly signal the target population, so that the audience with this need can be identified in the shortest possible time.

3 As a gift carrier, it is intended to carry the gift giver's sustenance, so that the gift giver has more face.

Brand analysis

1. Analysis of the differences of enzymes themselves.

The essence of enzymes is life catalysts. The biggest difference between enzymes and other health care products is to restore the innate self-healing and self-circulating system of human beings, rather than to treat local headaches and footaches.

2. Research on Uniqueness and Exclusion of Brand

From the product level, it is difficult to form a division with our competitors. The characteristics of our division with other brands are as follows.

(1) It has its own enzymatic base.

(2) Have a sense of mission, not only to make money as a guide, to popularize the knowledge of enzymes to customers, to convey the gospel of love.

(3) Dokileo brand name gene, it is easier to send a message to the female group, let people feel that this is a brand that can bring beauty to women.

3. Benchmarking Brand and Key Success Factor Analysis

At present, there is no real benchmark brand in the enzyme industry. We need to look at the cross-industry pattern, redefine competitors, define competitors based on each product, and look for benchmarking brands.

Brand strategy

Customer positioning: 30-40 years old, middle and high-end crowd. Good economic conditions, energy is mainly used in work, no time for energy exercise, health awareness.

Motivation: On the basis of normal diet, improve or enhance physical fitness by taking high-end products

Requirements: 1. Eliminate toxins and symptoms of constipation

2. Quick digestion of excess fat and starch, weight loss and body building

3. Improve skin condition and rejuvenate

Market Orientation: First and Second-tier Cities


Category Orientation: Dokileo Balanced Enzyme

Brand Core Appeal: Dokileo Enzyme, Your Balanced Conditioner

Interpretation: The essence of category positioning is to endow brand with an identity, so as to occupy a clear understanding in the mind of consumers. Later, when referring to Dokileo brand, we think of Balanced Enzyme as the leading brand of Balanced Enzyme in China.


Value Orientation: Building a brand value system around the positioning of balanced enzymes.

Nutritional balance: Noni contains more than 150 nutrients to supplement nutrient deficiency and balance nutrient ratio.

Dietary balance: reduce gastrointestinal load, eliminate greasy, balance dietary structure, and enhance dietary absorption

Intestinal balance: finishing the intestinal environment, eliminating body waste, maintaining intestinal flora balance

Balance between body and mind: relieve psychological anxiety, reduce cervical pressure, and maintain balance between body and mind.

Acid-base balance: pure natural organic fermentation, improve acidic body and balance the body's pH.


Logo Interpretation: Dokileo Logo takes natural vegetable and fruit raw materials as its basic component element and Taiji prototype. Through the image of male left and female right, it reflects the meaning of Yin-Yang balance and conveys the way of natural balance and health preservation of harmony between man and nature. The heart shape in the upper right corner represents the "Gospel of Love", which embodies the Gospel of Love practised by Dokileo's actions and the altruistic heart of benefiting others by natural gifts.

Brand endorsement

Joint top research institute to establish an enzyme production and research system

The world's most credible and most stringent Swiss SGS certification

International authority certification "EU ISO22000"

Sanya Longmuwan own enzyme base 500 acres

Organic agricultural product certification brand

Vegetarian Nutrition Research Center Partner

Well-known nutritionist recommended brand

Global original gold planting area

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