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21 In the actual contemporary society, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. As an enterprise's image, the tone of its design and the attitude of the brand to convey the requirements are directly related to the development of the enterprise, but also affect the dissemination. How to stand out in the market competition is an indispensable important factor. There are two problems to be solved: one is the main purpose of brand design; the other is how to express the visual elements of brand design well and show the most dazzling side of the brand in the best form. The expression of visual elements in professional brand design is mainly the rational use and collocation of various brand design symbols to express the desired information. The bearing information design symbols mainly include shape, color, material and other elements. Professional brand designers vividly express their design intentions through visual language, communicate brand design concepts with consumers, and ultimately enable consumers to understand the real meaning of design, which also requires that the design elements of information expression should be more vivid and accurate.


How to convey professional brand design vision

The continuous development and progress of society has promoted the improvement of people's living standards, and colleagues have also changed people's values. People should not only satisfy the material sharing, but also achieve spiritual satisfaction. The emergence of brand goods can show users'psychological needs in social status, economic strength and aesthetic taste. Brand is the symbol and basis for consumers to make decisions when they buy goods. A good impression will encourage consumers to buy willingly. Brand design can embody differences, valuable and irreplaceable parts. Appropriate expression of visual elements can show unique aesthetic characteristics, can effectively show the subjectivity of the brand, and enhance the recognition of the brand. The expression of visual elements in the design of a brand is of great significance for shaping an outstanding brand. Especially in the current Internet era, visual elements have become an important form of public recognition and perception of brand image. Brand design is a world-wide design culture, which is both flat and three-dimensional. Brand design is not only part of the appearance, but also from outside to inside, accompanied by visual extension. The logo application of brand design is made up of plane, and the designer uses the logo to form the brand image, and then expresses the meaning to be conveyed.

The brand image of an enterprise is related to its future development. At present, great changes have taken place in the consumption concept of Chinese consumers. Brand consumption has become one of the main motivations of consumer consumption, which also shows that the shaping of corporate brand is more and more important. However, some domestic brands do not attach importance to the expression of visual primary color, leading to the brand in a disadvantaged position in the market competition. Influenced by the concept of consumption age, many brands are faced with the problem of how to shape and improve their own brand image. In Shanghai brand design, the expression of visual elements is particularly important. Nowadays, brand design should be oriented to diversification and dynamic performance, rather than sticking to a monotonous design form. It is necessary to establish a design style suitable for enterprise's own development and management personality. Designers should combine modern technology to enhance the visual effect of the brand, increase consumers'interest in initiatively understanding and understanding the brand, and make the design concept of the brand more acceptable to the majority of laughers, so as to enhance the visibility of enterprises in the market.


1. Brand logo

Brand logo designer is an important visual element in brand design. This logo is different from traditional logo. It is the product of new era and new demand. Modern logo is an important medium for enterprises to disseminate information in the market. The operation concept, corporate culture, product or service characteristics of enterprises cover two types of images and concrete images, which bring different experiences to people. Generally speaking, simple and smooth abstract graphics can show a strong sense of modernity, while complex and cumbersome iconic graphics show classical aesthetics. Abstract images can usually be simple and vivid to show rich and imaginative semantics.


2. Brand Material

Brand design in the selection of materials can not be ignored, materials are not only an important means to create a good brand image, but also an important part of the aesthetic design works. The visual expression of brand design can only be achieved by good material. The carrier of material and technology used in the implementation stage will have different effects on the brand image of enterprises due to the differences of language expression and function. To some extent, the selection of material is also an important element of visual expression in brand design. In well-known brand design, the application of materials mainly listens to the rational experience of the characteristics of materials, flexible use of materials and processes to convey the true meaning of brand design. Different materials have different characteristics. Unique materials can attract audiences to a certain extent and enhance emotional communication with audiences.

Visual meta-color of Shanghai professional brand design is the key to brand design expression. Good visual element experience can bring consumers good sensory experience, and then leave a deep impression. This has an important role for the enterprise brand to stand out in the accumulated market competition. The visual element expression process of brand design is the design, arrangement and combination of various visual primary colors.

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