ULU's Market Research and Research Analytical Methodology

ULU Market Research and analysis is based on "insight into opportunities" and "grasp customer needs" as the fundamental purpose, which is the origin of formulating effective strategies and strategies.

1. Research on Industry Trends

ULU believes that "opportunity is greater than everything, marketing should be done in the right direction", especially in this rapidly changing era, ULU will conduct in-depth research on the industry trend for each customer, in order to grasp the pulse of the industry, find the opportunity outlet of the industry, and let the strong wind take us forward.

2. Analysis of Industry Opportunities

ULU believes that every industry will have a strategic development opportunity when it reaches a certain stage of development. The analysis of this opportunity may come from solving consumers'problems. For example, during the period when consumers needed vitamin supplementation most, Athens successfully seized this strategic opportunity and appealed for "nine vitamins a day". In a short period of time, it triggered a hot market situation.

3. Analysis of Competitive Advantages and Disadvantages

Fully understanding the advantages of our opponents is conducive to avoiding the advantages of our opponents in the market competition. Understanding the weaknesses of our competitors is conducive to formulating effective competitive strategies to form strategic attacks on our competitors.

4. Competitive Strategy and Strategy Analysis

ULU believes that competitors are not only our enemies, but also our friends who inspire us to grow together. ULU will study competitors'strategies and strategies in depth to absorb their lessons, which is the so-called "mastering foreign skills to control foreign". At the same time, we should look for our strategic positioning opportunities from the loopholes of competitors'strategies and strategies.

5. Analysis of Target Consumer Composition

ULU believes that every brand has its own heavy consumer group, often 20% of customers contribute 80% of the sales of the enterprise, so clearly defining your core consumer group is the first button to solve the marketing problem. ULU will help enterprises analyze the age characteristics, educational characteristics and hobbies of the core target consumer groups, and restore them to specific people in their lives.

6. Analysis of Consumer Purchasing Process

In order to attract customers and stimulate customers to buy, we should comprehensively analyze the process of consumers'purchase and understand the contact points between brands and consumers. ULU believes that consumers are divided into three levels according to their purchase process: before purchase, consumers are the audience; during purchase, consumers are the buyers; after purchase, consumers are the experiencers.

7. Psychological Analysis of Consumers'Purchase

Consumers'choice of goods is a complex psychological decision-making process. ULU will help enterprises analyze the key psychological factors of consumers' purchase, and let consumers'purchase decisions point to our brand.

8. Brand Diagnosis and Analysis

Through in-house interviews, we can deeply understand the advantages and problems of the brand itself. On the basis of information provided by the enterprise, ULU will objectively extract the unique, authoritative and exclusive advantages of the enterprise from the perspective of outsiders.

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