Franchise chain, what is the essence of franchise, how brand marketing terminal mobile marketing

Why franchise chains have been on fire for more than 20 years, and the trend remains unchanged, more and more entrepreneurs will choose to join the chain as the starting point of the road to entrepreneurship. Franchise is an effective channel to expand the commercial value of brands. From a global perspective, the proportion of brand franchise in all walks of life is increasing, especially in retail, catering, Hotel and other major brands, the proportion is almost 80%. Joining is a common development trend in various industries. Essentially, it builds network effects through different means, such as unified values, standardized operation and service system construction, multi-site coverage, infrastructure support, etc.

Brand management company's support to franchisers is not only the location selection and training before opening, but also the simple grant of brand usufruct. What's more important is that behind the brand, the core value can be given to franchisers after opening.


We analyze it from the perspective of brand.

The essence of franchise chain: mature chain brands have their own unique operation mode. Franchise shopkeepers can copy their successful mode, avoid blind exploration, get started quickly, grasp the methods of operation and management quickly, shorten the pre-operation preparation time, shorten the opening time and reduce the risk of investment and operation. With the strong effect of brand, we can quickly enter the target market and seize consumption, which has more competitive advantages in promoting products and stores. The franchise storekeeper can get the support of the headquarters product renewal, update the product to adapt to market changes, and enhance the market competitiveness of franchise brand stores.

Brand chains and store design are directly related to consumers, and also affect the overall revenue of the store. Compared with the design of the store, the psychological characteristics of the mass shopping, subjective thinking that a shop decoration, service in place, then she will unconsciously walk into the store, unconsciously formed the behavior of the store to buy habits. Conversely, if you think that the image of the store is particularly bad, then going in will also affect your mood. So the importance of store design can be imagined. The sensory experience of terminal shopping objects determines a lot of performance factors. The sensory performance is mainly shown in 1. Vision 2. Audio 3. Olfaction. Excellent visual sense is put into practice, which is what I often call brand form, because excellent brand image, constantly arousing consumers'desire to buy, is the core of the focus.


Why is a good brand image so important? It can make customers feel more intimate when patronizing. Customers'trust in brand is often higher than most individual shops. Youjiabao spends a lot of advertising expenses on CCTV every year in order to expand the influence and popularity of the brand and promote the sales of its franchise stores. Headquarters arranges the purchase of raw materials, which enables franchisee to purchase high-quality products at relatively favorable prices. Raw materials, which is also the reason why customers trust chain brands more when they consume; Headquarters has its own R&D department to maintain the vitality of the brand, regularly develop new products, and franchisees can benefit from it; on festivals, headquarters also plans Festival activities, brand chain terminals not only provide main products, display methods, style characteristics, but also pay more attention to terminal sales links. To create a festival theme and other stimulating consumption atmosphere.

Creating Brand Atmosphere

Terminal display is a creative visual and spatial art. It includes all visual elements of retail terminals such as shop design, decoration, window, channel, model, backplane, props, lighting, music, POP advertisement, product brochure, trademark and hanging tag. It is a complete and systematic collection concept. It is a way of expression that consumers can intuitively feel the product information. The key elements of a good atmosphere in a store. For example: the product itself does not speak, but we can use display techniques, plastic arts and lighting to make it live. Reasonable end-to-end display can display goods, enhance brand image, create brand atmosphere and improve brand sales, which are its basic significance. In addition to increasing added value to increase the value of goods, it can also guide customers to buy, trigger changes in consumption and lifestyle, increase purchase opportunities, and form potential profits. Excellent display of brand terminals can make consumers have a sense of brand identity and trust, and deepen the impression of commodities. Promoting sales, good display and poor display have at least 100% impact on sales. This is one of the reasons why brand merchants attach great importance to product display. Product display can arouse consumers'desire to buy and urge them to take purchasing action. According to statistics, if stores can correctly use the configuration and display technology of goods, sales can be increased by 10% on the original basis.


Win in details! Good terminal image is the fundamental to retain customers; flexible use of terminal display skills in terminal according to customer needs and competitors'strategy changes, so that brand products become more viable in the terminal and enrich the connotation of the brand!

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