How Brands Graft Consumer's Cognitive Prototype-Fast Memory

There is a classic saying in the advertising industry that I know half of the advertising money I spend is wasted, but I don't know which half is wasted. This sentence seems to be true in the eyes of the theorists, but fallacious in the hearts of the practitioners. Because we can find a way to reduce the cost of communication, so that consumers can remember our brand at a glance. In our methodology, we should look for the "cognitive prototype" of consumers, pry the door of consumers'memory with "cognitive prototype", and put brands into consumers' brains, so that consumers can remember our brands at a glance.

The so-called "cognitive prototype" means that consumers have a common cognitive carrier for the industry. It exists in the subconscious mind of everyone. Once aroused, it automatically jumps out and resonates with consumers. Such as the "association of shield to safety, yellow to warning" already recognized by human subconscious.

"Cognitive prototype" has its own value, and it has carried human memory and cognition. It is the memory unit with the lowest communication cost. Transfer its cognitive energy to the brand, so as to reduce the cost of brand communication, make it a booster of brand communication, and easily realize the efficient accumulation of brand equity.

It's U + Brand Design Concept:

In this design case, we make full use of our design methodology to find the "cognitive prototype" of the industry.

With the mother and child industry as the axis, how to find the consumers'cognitive prototype of this industry? In a large number of previous research interviews, we found that pacifiers are the most valuable carrier for consumers to associate with mothers, babies and children. And the fact is that in daily life, we can see everywhere the baby in the mother's arms is holding a pacifier in her mouth, ignorant and lovely. The pacifier is the cognitive prototype that we need to find to represent mother, baby and child. Add the emotional attributes of love and affinity. Finally, the mascot is designed with the pacifier as the rudiment.

Mascot personality, vivid, communicative and appealing, can effectively establish domestication relationship with consumers, can parasitize to public life, shape a different personality, life attitude, value tag, and then through stories, experiences, scenarios to deduce. Deep into the life of babies, make it a free spokesperson for the brand forever.

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