It's U+
From zero to China's maternal and infant benchmark brand!

Founded in 2011, It’s U+ maternal and infant franchise chain provides high-quality products and professional services for pregnant women and infants aged 0-6 years old. With "well-known products + private brands", "professional services + educational content", to create a suitable product service system for China's maternal and infant consumer groups. The company is located in Shanghai, Beijing, chengdu, hefei and jinan, with more than 4,000 professional stores nationwide.


Done brand culture

It’s U+ as a newborn mother and baby franchise brand, strengthens the brand endorsement of " Done capital" and establishes and improves the enterprise MIS concept identification system.

Cultural philosophy: "Passing affection with products,let the world's babies get the best care."

"Goods", both maternal and baby products, the idea suggests that Done capital will transfer its corporate philosophy to something else.

"Care", both social or family care for mother and baby.

"Grace", it is "to pass love to the world."

"Baby", refers to the treasures of the family.

We perfectly link the new concept to the name “Done”, making the Done Capital brand easier to identify.


win-win of ecology、embrace change、focus on innovation

Service concept:Feel for others

From Chapter 49 of  Tao Te Ching by Laozi:

The sage has no invariable mind of his own;he makes the mind of the people his mind. To those who are good(to me),I am good;and to those who are not good(to me),I am also good;——and thus(all)get to be good. 

Brand positioning

Market positioning:

Through a large number of research and authoritative data analysis, third- and fourth-tier cities have stronger fertility willingness, and the fertility willingness of first- and second-tier cities is weak. The market environment, we found that 1985-1997 is the third birth peak since the founding of the People's Republic of China. There is no suspense after 20 years, China will usher in another wave of birth peaks.

Core market:Third-tier and fourth-tier cities in China

Value proposition:

Communicate with consumers by visiting the store. We found that when consumers buy maternal and child products, their concerns about product quality are far higher than price sensitivity. As a maternal and child chain, what is the best quality? It is difficult for us to specify the quality details of a certain brand or product. We can only define "quality" from the big picture. When moms go to the mother and baby shop to buy products, the biggest risk is to buy "fake goods"! Especially for small maternity stores, consumers are most worried about buying fakes.

Customer needs and concerns:Authentic greatly reduces the customer's purchasing anxiety, so that customers can buy it with confidence.

It’s U+ brand gene:The brand genes of the word "You Jia" also determine our value characteristics.

It’s U+——Professional maternal and child genuine chain.

Brand temperament

Brand temperament: affinity、Maternal and child industry attributes

Service attribute visualization

How to make it's U + brand image easy to identify and remember. With such a task, we still follow our methodology - to find the "cognitive prototype" of the mother and child industry, and to create brand symbols that everyone can understand at a glance at the lowest cost.

With the mother and child industry as the axis, how to find the consumers'cognitive prototype of this industry? In a large number of previous research interviews, we found that pacifiers are the most valuable carrier for consumers to associate with mothers, babies and children. And the fact is that in daily life, we can see everywhere the baby in the mother's arms is holding a pacifier in her mouth, ignorant and lovely. The pacifier is the cognitive prototype that we need to find to represent mother, baby and child. Add the emotional attributes of love and affinity. Finally, the mascot is designed with the pacifier as the rudiment.


Mascot personality, vivid, communicative and appealing, can effectively establish domestication relationship with consumers, can parasitize to public life, shape a different personality, life attitude, value tag, and then through stories, experiences, scenarios to deduce. Deep into the life of babies, make it a free spokesperson for the brand forever.

Brand optimization and upgrading in 2017

Brand optimization and upgrading, analysis and research, which elements of the existing logo must be retained and inherited. Before we upgrade and optimize, we must find out which positive memory points can impress consumers, such as the standard color of the enterprise or its distinctive style and tonality. Whether it's logo optimization or redesign, these are all features worth preserving. Make every effort to avoid the brand image confusion and discomfort caused by the new logo design to the old customer group.

Strengthen Brand Hard Strength

Enhance brand endorsement:

1: China Mother and Child Industry Association

2: Founder of Safety Laboratory for Maternal and Infant Products

Safety is a core concern of mothers. It's U + can set up a safety monitoring department internally to do safety monitoring work and build trust for the positioning and landing of products.


Creating Fist Service

The core competition after product homogenization is service competition!

Service and experience has become a new competitive grasp in the maternal and infant industry.

Characterized by service and experience to maximize attraction

Strengthen it's U + brand stickiness and brand preference.

1: Maternal and Infant Knowledge Collection, Youjia Picture Book

Provide answers to difficult knowledge of mothers and infants before, during and after pregnancy.


2: Experience Zone: Baby Vitality Show

Stimulate the baby's hands-on ability.

Enlighten the baby's wisdom and interest.


3: Sports Zone: Babies Move

Baby swimming pool, exercise makes baby brain smarter and body healthier

Five Marketing Strategies

Building a Successful Model Store

The essence of franchise is to replicate the successful model.

Without model stores, we can't form models and play methods. Success is accidental and unsustainable.

The core of building model stores is to improve the three rates: entrance rate, conversion rate and replenishment rate.

Store entry rate: The core of the store entry rate is to stand out from the street shelves. The basic purpose of terminal portal planning is to obtain display advantages on street shelves.

Conversion rate: Increase conversion rate by category planning and promotional activities.

Repurchase Rate: Turn the purchaser into a fan, form continuous online interaction, and push promotional information online.

Five Marketing Strategies II

Constructing You Jia Community

The key to negotiating with franchisees is to win customers and master customer resources.

Encircle the customers who enter the store and buy into our community.

Online: interactive, sharing, forwarding, precipitating fans.

Off-line: Based on the limitation of Limited Business area, the activity position is shifted from inside to outside.

Internet + era, resource cross-border integration and creating fans economic ecosystem is the most explosive growth mode of enterprises.

Five Marketing Strategies Three

Taming Customer's Consumption Habits

Make it a habit for consumers to come to stores every week. Preferential activities at specific times have formed the habit of consumers entering stores.

"Every Monday, It's U + New Product Benefits" 3.15 It's U + "Authentic Enjoyment Festival"

Creating Consumer Node Day

The essence of It's U + Day is to set off a consumption storm at key nodes.

Through it's U + consumption day, tame customers'long-term consumption habits.

The uniqueness and exclusiveness of festivals.

Creating It's U+Authoritative and Exclusive Consumption Days

Five Marketing Strategies Four

Creating Thematic Atmosphere

Theme animation inside and outside the terminal store to attract babies into the store through the animation theme.

Create a baby animation Park feeling, this has strategic value.

In addition, the cartoon image of It's U + will be made into physical objects and displayed at the front of the door to attract the interest of babies passing through the store.

Five Marketing Strategies Five

Authentic Arms at Terminals

Publicize products in terminal stores, focusing on strengthening the sense of authenticity of It's U + and strengthening the sense of authenticity of goods.

Strategic Layout of Private Brands

Brand Strategy-Brand Architecture-Brand Naming-Landing Execution

Skin care products:AnLivey


Care class:VEIKELIER、Vanclean

Daily necessities:Sun Homes

Food supplements: Aimiyado

Four Brand Enables

1) Supply Chain

You Jia Global Collection, long-term strategic cooperation with well-known brands of pregnant and infant children at home and abroad; open channels for suppliers and brands, reduce costs and increase efficiency; ensure that the product is in the best stage of effectiveness.

2) Technological empowerment

Relying on the automatic synchronization technology of the data platform, the all-through POS, CRM, ERP and intelligent ordering system can realize the real-time synchronization of customer information, order data, inventory and sales data, and provide dynamic intelligent analysis, timely intelligent solutions and help store management. From the moment of customer consumption, the system locks customer information data, starts tracking intelligent services and assists store management.

3) Business School

It's U + cooperates with authoritative institutions and universities to set up You Jia Business College to provide five gold medal services and eight digital services in the form of training, substitute teaching and You Jia picture books, so as to enable operators to enjoy efficient online learning and improve the management level of backstage stores.

4) Brand Empowerment

Make voice for the brand on all major media platforms, and help the brand industry grow evergreen. It's U + not only exports good franchise services and products, but also transmits temperature to society and actively practices social responsibilities. To encourage mass entrepreneurship, it's U + launched "Youbao Huabei" to solve the cash flow problem of partners.



​China Mother and Child Intelligence Retail New Benchmark in 2019!

Brand PR Communication:

It's U + Participated in the First China International Import Exposition in 2018

It's U + Fan Jing Listing Conference

With 315 peers, it's U + brand promotional film officially logged on CCTV-1

It's U + Log on to Nasdaq's "World First Screen" in Times Square, New York

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