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BRCC China has committed to create a professional international team referring to business process outsourcing service, business process optimization, financial and tax outsourcing service, financial and tax consulting, enterprise management consulting, information technology service. Upon BRCC's rich experience in various industries, extensive capacity and in-depth study of the world's most successful companies, cooperation with clients which can help them become superexcellent enterprises focusing on their own areas of development. Meanwhile, as one of the industry's leading professional services, BRCC CHINA combines China's basic national condition and market demand, has created a mature, professional, and localized excellent service team, distributes in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Nanjing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen etc. and, boosts a wide range of cooperative resources and service capacity covering more than forty lower-tier cities. 

Aims and objectives of BRCC China: diligence and wisdom, sagacity and meditation,  be broad-mindedly unite our colleagues and partners to march towards success. 

Service Content:

2012 Brand Creation

2013-2014-2015Design Services 

2016 - Subbrand Creation

2017 - Brand Image Upgrading

2018-Brand Tool Design

2019-Brand Material Upgrade Design

2012 Brand Strategy

As early as 2012, our company began to cooperate with Brcc and design for its brand. Brcc consists of three professional companies which specialize in management, consulting and finance. To show this, we designed a three-colored paper plane pattern. This is our first attempt of trying to find “perception prototype”. The paper planes in children’s hands are directly related to “the taking off and soaring of dreams” in people’s mind, which fits perfectly the company’s philosophy: “take charge of the dreams”. This is killing two birds with one stone.

Brcc brand concept:diligent philosophy, brilliant thoughts—bearing dreams.

Brand temperament: professionalism, wisdom and innovation

Brand Upgrading Strategy in 2017

It is self-evident that the logo of an enterprise brand is important for an enterprise. It is not only the image face of an enterprise brand, but also the overall recognition of an enterprise by the outside society. There are also many people who would think that Adidas Nike Audi was born like this.


But that's not the case! The logo of an enterprise will be continuously optimized and perfected over time, because the enterprise needs to maintain the vitality and competitiveness of its image. Logo design may not determine the life or death of an enterprise, but their impact can not be underestimated. Because the excellent brand recognition system can quickly reduce the cost of brand communication, so that consumers can quickly remember it. Usually corporate brand image needs to be optimized and upgraded in these three situations.

1. The corporate brand value or mission culture has been adjusted.

2. Brand audiences have changed or products have undergone major strategic adjustments.

3. Can not catch up with the aesthetic needs of the times.

After several years of development and growth, BRCC ushered in the optimization and upgrading of the brand in 2017. For brand logo upgrade design direction is a headache. Is it innovative optimization based on the old logo? Or simply abandon the old image and rebuild it, and redesign the whole image? The benefits of "optimizing and upgrading" on the basis of the old logo are obvious. After all, more conservative "optimizing" is more acceptable than subversive redesigns. This is also more conducive to maintaining the brand's "inherent image" and brand trust established previously.

To establish the direction of upgrading, the next step is to analyze and study which elements are the existing symbols that must be retained and inherited. Before we upgrade and optimize, we must find out which positive memory points can impress consumers, such as the standard color of the enterprise or its distinctive style and tonality. Whether it's logo optimization or redesign, these are all features worth preserving.

Re-design a logo for enterprises to replace the old image, the most obvious defect is that it has interrupted many years of old logo for enterprises to build a visual link in the hearts of consumers, that is, "brand image". Take more time to think and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the old logo in brand image building, and try our best to avoid the brand image confusion and discomfort caused by the new logo design to the old customer groups.

2018Annual meeting planning

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