ULU brand design considers that strategy is the first choice for consumers to buy

ULU believes that the ultimate goal of brand strategy is to solve which field you can become the first and become the first choice for consumers. ULU determines the brand strategic positioning of enterprises on the premise of consumer demand insight and opportunity analysis, so as to insert wings for the brand to take off.

1. Category Strategic Orientation

Category positioning is to solve the ultimate proposition of "who am I". Because the essence of consumer purchasing is category, but brand is used to express category demand. ULU believes that the shortest way to create a new brand is to create a new category, so that your brand becomes the first choice of this category. For example: Yake V9 created the category of vitamin candy, which made Yake stand out quickly, Wang Laoji created the new category of "herbal tea to prevent fire", millet mobile phone created the new category of Internet mobile phone, Le Video created the new category of super TV, and so on. Looking at the rapid rise of new brands in the Chinese market, there is a clear category positioning behind them.

2. Brand Value Orientation

Brand value orientation is to solve "What can I meet the needs of consumers?" "ULU believes that a brand can survive in society only because it is valuable to consumers, and the planner is to find this value orientation and express it. For example, Haifei's value orientation is debris removal, soft value orientation is compliance, and Volvo's brand orientation is safety. ULU believes that brand value positioning is particularly important for SMEs, because value positioning is the first reason for consumers to buy the brand for the first time and the first driving force for product sales.

3. Brand Core Appeal

Based on category positioning and brand value positioning, ULU will be beneficial to brand communication for brand originality, can move consumers'communication slogans and appeal system, so that consumers can understand our brand identity and value in the shortest time, and quickly remember us. ULU believes that brand appeal should be simple and easy to understand, arouse resonance, and be conducive to communication and memory. For example, "Fear of fire, drink Wang Laoji", "millet cell phone is fast", "this year's Festival does not accept gifts, gifts on the receiving platinum brain" and so on.

4. Brand Super Identity

Super recognition is the image that everyone knows. Consumers are already familiar with them and have a strong recognition of them. Brand super-recognition is to find a memory cost and communication for the brand to become the lowest image carrier, the cognitive energy of this image carrier is transmitted to our brand, so that consumers can remember it in the shortest time. Just like: Golden Treasure of Golden Wine, Bruce Lee's image of real Kungfu and so on.

5. Brand Firm Products

Fist product is the product that contributes most to the brand, is the product that consumers prefer, and is the strategic product that can drive the sales of the whole line of products. ULU believes that fist products are engines that carry strong brands. Without fist products, even if the brand is quickly known by consumers, it is difficult to achieve long-term development. ULU will be based on brand strategy, will create a strong consumer demand for enterprises to meet the point of fist products, so as to quickly start market sales. Every successful brand has its own fist products, such as Kang Shifu's roast beef noodles is the fist product of Kang Shifu Group, nutrition express is the fist product of Wahaha, Moslian is the bright fist product and so on.

6. Brand Idea

The idea of brand idea is to establish brand mission and vision and lay a deep ideological understanding for the sustainable development of brand. It is beneficial to the unity of internal ideas and consumers'full understanding of brand. Just as "Alibaba's brand mission is to"make the world have no difficult business", Microsoft's mission is to"let every family and every desk have a computer"; and so on.

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